I wrapped myself in Japan itself and felt the wind of Kyoto with my skin.
Wearing kimono, it is touching the heart of Japan.

“SHOSA” has essential implications such as handling and gesture, in addition to performing and acting originally.
Kimono is not just one of original and beautiful “fashion”.
Kimono is a traditional Japanese culture that is proud of the world that has been handed down in a long history.
There are ingenuity to feel the history, climate and seasons peculiar to Japan with the skin.

Wearing a kimono … It is to touch the culture of the country, the chord of the heart.
I want you to not only look at the beautiful cityscape of Kyoto but feel it directly with the skin.
Wearing a kimono that matches the heart pattern of the day, with the beautiful memories of the seasons seasonal wind.

With such prayers, “SHOSA” prepares colorful clothes in Kyoto and waits for you.