Terms of service


  • We provide “rental service” authentic luxury kimono rental SHOSA Kyoto as “SHOSA”.
  • Reservation application, orderer shall be “contractor” who is responsible for all payment obligations and responsibilities.
  • The customer wearing the product which is not responsible for anything other than the contractor shall be the “user”.
  • The period of time at the hand of the contractor or the user is set as “rental period”.
  • The period from the date of sending the product from SHOSA until the item is returned will be referred to as “product restraint period”.

Regarding rental contract

  • Regarding the confirmation of the contract, a contract will be concluded at the time when the talk about securing the usage period and the product reservation frame is completed between SHOSA and the contractor. In the case of ordering via e-mail or the Internet, a contract will be concluded at the time of sending a reply confirming from SHOSA.
  • The rental contract is the rental (rental) of the product at the period / amount stated in the contract slip.

Handling of personal information

  • If SHOSA considers it necessary, I agree to be obliged to present identification (driver’s license etc).
  • Used within the scope of the purpose of after-sale service concerning preservation of SHOSA’s right after rental agreement, product conservation and management, change and exercise of rights, provision of rental service, rental contract.
  • Even if the contract period expires, if the product is not returned and SHOSA can not contact the contractor, I agree to purchase the resident card of the contractor.

Product ownership

  • For any reason, rental products shall have ownership of SHOSA. Therefore, it is impossible to assign, sublimate, pledge, set up security interests, etc. to third parties.

Contractor’s responsibility

  • The contractor shall be obliged to pay the compensation amount of the prescribed contents in the case of damage to the goods during the rental period.
  • Before use, the contractor confirms whether the item is defective. In case of defect, SHOSA will immediately contact SHOSA, SHOSA will not be responsible for anything by exchange of goods and return of rental fee.
  • SHOSA and the contractor shall settle this after consultation in good faith when damage due to trouble occurred during the rental period occurs.
  • If contacts and addresses are changed from the contract confirmation to the end of the rental period, we must notify SHOSA promptly.

About settlement

  • The payment method is the settlement method negotiated at the time of contract.

Extension period and fee

  • In the case of visit to the shop, it is up to 54 hours for the one-time rental period to be in the hands of the contractor or the user. In the case of home delivery, the one-time rental period is limited to up to 126 hours that the contractor or the user has at hand. As for the above, the time in hand at the rental period is 78 hours and the additional extension upper limit is 48 hours. The return procedure will be up to 12:00 on the return date. If it is exceeded, it will be subject to additional extension and an overdue fee will be charged for the extension fee, 20% of the rental fee per day from the next day after the next day. If the return of goods exceeds seven days due to the circumstances of the contractor, it is deemed that the item was purchased, and a charge of the difference between the selling price of the item and the rental fee is generated.
  • The extension of the rental period is possible only within the number of days that SHOSA allows from the contract within the use period.

cancellation policy

For cancellation fee, the contractor shall be obliged to pay as follows.

  • In case of cancellation on the same day, 100% of the plan price will be charged at the time of reservation
  • If there is a contact within the business hours of the previous day (10: 00-18: 00) and it is canceled, 50% of plan charges will be incurred at the time of reservation
  • If canceled 2 days ago to 7 days before the date of wearing, a plan fee of 30% will occur at the time of reservation

Product conservation

  • We shall not remodel the product, we will keep product conservation and maintenance, and promptly contact SHOSA in case of abnormality.
  • If there is a loss of goods during the rental period, the contractor shall be obliged to pay the full amount of expenses (claim up to 500,000 yen) required for replacement to the equivalent product for any reason. In the case of using for home delivery rental, the rental period is proved by a copy of the transport slip.

Cancellation of contract

  • If payment can not be made without contact even if it passes the settlement deadline, I agree to cancel the contract and cancel the offer of goods.
  • If the contractor violates the terms of use, SHOSA can cancel the contract without notice advisory. In this case, the contractor must immediately return the goods. I agree to respond to requests for late fee or compensation pursuant to the rules.
  • Even if you return the item during the rental period at the time of contract, you will not discount or refund the rental fee.

Designation of competent court

In the event of a need for procedural proceedings with respect to this Agreement, the court having jurisdiction over SHOSA’s head office location shall be the competent court. In addition, we will separately request the contractor for various expenses related to this.

Product compensation details

  • Regular dirt (foundation, rain, muddy, light eating spill etc) is a cleaning substitute.
  • If there is excessive dirt or damage during rental, the contractor must pay the repair cost depending on the state of the goods regardless of the cause.
  • When scent of perfume / cologne etc adhere, etc., it is within the range that can be repaired, SHOSA requests compensation amount depending on the state, and the contractor assumes payment obligation. As for the spot of liquid at that time, the burden amount differs depending on the estimate of the processor.

For expensive items, the cost to be borne by the contractor in case of excessive dirt / damage is as follows.

Compensation fee table

Unrecoverable dirt / damage
Repairable stain breakage
  • Unrecoverable dirt / damage
    Wine and blood spots are wide, it is difficult to repair with a processor, and it hinders patterning, or when the fabric is broken and repair is difficult.
  • Repairable stain breakage
    Broad range of stain dirt, fray at the hem, breakage when repairable, the contractor is obliged to pay the actual expenses from the processor. If the item is lost or stolen and the item can not be returned and returned, bear the full amount of expenses required for replacement to the equivalent item.
  • Wine and blood spots are wide, and it is difficult for a processor to repair and hinder patterning, bear the full cost of replacement to equivalent products.
  • If remodeling, clothing breaking or burning, it is difficult to repair, a wide range of stain dirt, fray of the hem, fragrance, damage in case of repair will bear the actual expenses from the processor.

About early morning reservations

Business hours are from 10:00 in the morning.
For reservations / early morning dressing before business hours, we will guide you if staff can be adjusted after 7 o’clock. Please contact us by phone.
¥ 1,000 per person (excluding tax) per hour overtime. Suppose you receive the number of hours from your visit to the business start time.
(Example) When booking at 8 o’clock in the morning: ¥ 2,000 per person (2 hours / hour extra charge).