Is it okay if I go hand in hand on the day?

Yes. All kimonos, kimono, sandals, dressings etc are included in the price so please come by hand. There is a case where I will let you hair set first. ※ If you wear a turtle neck or a small clothing of the neck, there is a possibility that the hair set will collapse, so please come and visit us with the front opening clothes.

How long can you wear it?

30 minutes of selection, 30 minutes of hair set, about 30 minutes of dressing, you can also shoot at the service and gallery of the sweets only.
It takes about two hours from departure to departure.
Please make a reservation with time margin.
* There are quite individual differences in the time you choose kimonos.

Is there a kimono size?

Women: Kimono: Up to 175 cm tall.Sandals: Leg size up to 26 cm
Male: Kimono: Up to 185 cm tall.Sandals: foot size up to 30 cm

Is it possible to apply on the day?

If yesterday, on the day please call us.

Can I have a suitcase too?

We will keep baggage except valuables. Your luggage, such as clothing, will be delivered to your designated accommodation around the evening of the day you rented it.
(Limited to accommodation destinations in Kyoto city except Ohara, Kibune, Kurama and Kaohsiung)

What kind of hairstyle will be the hair set?

Please consult the staff on the desired hair set on the day.

Hair is short, but can you hair set?

It’s okay. If it is quite short, I will consult with you variously, such as putting out the volume of the top and stopping the side and putting out the atmosphere of Japanese.
If it is the length under your ear, you may be able to up. Please feel free to contact us.

Pregnancy ○ months, is it possible to rent?

Indeed we are sorry, our customers are pregnant · injured customers, we can not accept any responsibility so we are not accepting the dressing up.

I will tighten the belly with your belly when you dress, it is easy for me to feel bad. Because it becomes sandals, it becomes easier to fall than general shoes. Although it becomes an exception, I heard the report that the sandals are gone because it becomes a rental item. Customers during pregnancy are very sorry, but we do not accept. (We also hold back to customers who visited the shop at the time of dressing)
I am sorry that I could not deal with it despite my consideration carefully.

Do you have a woven cloth because it gets cold in winter?

Yes. Please be assured we will prepare all plans without additional fee.(Haori, Donakonin, Ward)
You can wear Heat Tech etc for cold weather underwear.I think that it is good to wear short-sleeved T-shirt with collar on top, underwear down to knee.

About rainy day

Because all of the kimono is the cost of cleaning substitution, please go with confidence. ※ In the case of terrible dirt / tear, we may request separately.

I would like to rent it even during menstruation, but is it okay?

Silk Silk Komon · When visiting wearing clothes, blood is attached, there are occasions subject to compensation.
For more informationDirt, breakage, loss of goodsPlease check about.