Flow of visiting rental

  1. Apply by phone, internet

    Please tell us your name, etc., such as telephone, Internet visit date, course, presence of hair set etc.
    We will contact you as soon as we can secure reservation time.

  2. Visit us

    Please have a visit to “Gallery yuiitumuni” at the time you made a reservation, and tell us that you came for kimono rental with the name of the applicant.
    We will fill in the rental application form and we will keep baggage etc.
    ※To apply, an identification card is required.

    • 30 minutes of selection, hair set about 30 minutes, dressing about 30 minutes, you can also shoot at the service of the sweets and “gallery yuiitumuni”.
      It takes about two hours from departure to departure.
    • Please make a reservation with time margin.

    The staff will carefully support you.
    Easy try-on is also possible.

  3. Coordinate your garment

    Please tell us about your favorite pattern, color, use. We will coordinate with you.
    Of course it is also possible for customers to coordinate themselves. (Approximately 30 minutes)
    The staff will carefully support you.
    Easy try-on is also possible.

  4. Hair set

    If you apply for hair set, we will do hair set at our company or our contract hairdresser. (Approximate 30 minutes to 1 hour)

    If you are wearing a turtle neck or a small clothing of the neck, there is a possibility that the hair set collapses, so please come and visit us with the front opening clothes.

  5. Dressing up

    A dressing cloth dancer will carefully dress each person. (Approximately 30 minutes)
    ④, ⑤ hair set, the order of dressing will be around.

  6. Outing

    • We will keep luggage and clothes other than valuables at our shop.
    • Rental fee includes cleaning fee.
      Excessive dirt, damage, etc. may be requested separately.
  7. Return

    Hotel returned or mailed back

    Return hotel・・・
    Please return it to the hotel front desk the next day.
    Your luggage, such as clothing, will be delivered to your designated accommodation around the evening of the day you rented it.
    Limited to accommodation destinations in Kyoto city except Ohara, Kibune, Kurama and Takao.
    Please bring valuables with yourself.
    Mail return・・・・
    Please return the item by delivery.
    We will hand over the Yamato Transportation slip and we will have you complete the return procedure by 14:00 the next day of use.
    • It is also possible to return it by 17:00 the next day by returning to the store next day.
    • If the return of the item is delayed due to customer’s convenience, 20% of the rental fee is charged as a late fee separately per day after the next day.
    • If the return date exceeds seven days, we consider that you purchased the item, we will claim the difference between the selling price of the item and the rental fee.
    • If it is inevitable that the delay in return will occur, please contact us by phone as soon as possible.
      “Gallery yuiitumuni” tel:075-432-7151