Visit rental plan

  • Pure silk Komon Plan


  • Pure silk Houmongi Plan


  • Premium kimono Plan


  • Couple Komon Plan


  • Couple Houmongi Plan


All of the above (tax excluded) kimono, obi, accessories all rental, dressing fee included

Return hotel・・・
Please return it to the hotel front desk the next day.
Your luggage, such as clothing, will be delivered to your designated accommodation around the evening of the day you rented it.
Limited to accommodation destinations in Kyoto city except Ohara, Kibune, Kurama and Takao.
Please bring valuables with yourself.
Mail return・・・・
Please return the item by delivery.
We will hand over the Yamato Transportation slip and we will have you complete the return procedure by 14:00 the next day of use.
  • Dressing at the gallery YUIITUMUNI is included in the price. If you want the special hair set for kimono plus ¥2000(without tax).
  • It is also possible to return it by 17:00 the next day by returning to the store next day.
  • If the return of the item is delayed due to customer’s convenience, 20% of the rental fee is charged as a late fee separately per day after the next day.
  • If the return date exceeds seven days, we consider that you purchased the item, we will claim the difference between the selling price of the item and the rental fee.
  • If it is inevitable that the delay in return will occur, please contact us by phone as soon as possible.
    “Gallery yuiitumuni” tel:075-432-7151

Annual passport plan

  • ●Annual passport plan (5 times / year)


  • ●Annual passport plan (10 times / year)


Courier rental contents: kimono, belt, long-sleeved, underwear, accessories necessary for dressing, bags, sandals

It is a plan that can deliver home delivery rental 5 or 10 times during the year.
Pre-inspection possible. Estimated guard time It will be 1 hour. Yamato, or Yu-Pack will be delivered home, it will be the 3 nights 4 day rental period.

※Those who wish to dress at “Gallery yuiitumuni” will be charged ¥ 2,000 (without tax) once, those who add hair set will be ¥ 2,000 (without tax) once.